Cut Flower Boxes

1.  Unpack your flowers immediately.  Keep flowers away from heat!
2.  Cut stems to your desired length, or a minimum of 1/2 inch off of each stem.
3.  Submerge the entire blossom in 60 to 80 degree F. water.  Orchids for 5 minutes, all others 10 to
15 minutes.
4.  Fill the vase with water.
5.  Place flowers in area that is free of drafts and away from heat sources.  Moisten flowers daily  
with a mist to prevent dehydration and re-cut stems for added life.


1.  Mist leis with water and place on paper towel to absorb access water.
2.  Place in plastic bag or covered container.
3.  Refrigerate for at least one hour, or until ready to use.
4.  One -half hour before you are ready to wear, take the lei out of the bag and let it air dry on a
paper towel.

Potted Plants

Dendrobium Orchid Plants

These orchids prefer filtered light, humid, and warm conditions.  Place plant near window with
morning or late afternoon sun.  Normal room temperature are ideal.  Water when planting medium is
dry to the touch or about twice a week.  Fertilize twice a month with commercial foliar orchid
fertilizer.  With proper care these orchids will flower several times a year.  Flower sprays with last
approximately 60 days.

Phalaenopsis Orchid Plants

The Phalaenopsis orchid plant will bloom once a year, with the elegant sprays of flowers lasting up
to eight weeks.  Bright indirect or filtered light is ideal.  Try to give maximum hours of daylight,
especially during short winter days.  Keep evenly moist by watering every 5 to 7 days depending on
planting medium and pot size.  Water early in the day to allow plant to dry off by nightfall.  Allow
water to run through the pot and drain excess water.  Never allow plant to sit in water.  Fertilize with
every watering with a balanced (20-20-20) fertilizer at the recommended strength.  Every few weeks,
flush plant with plain water to rinse out fertilizer or mineral salts.  Repot once a year in later spring
during active root and leaf growth in a planiting medium recommended for orchids.  Select pot size
based on size of root system, not leaf size.
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